Graduated at law school of Masaryk university in Brno. He spent one year of studies in Italy - Universita degli studi di Milano - Bicocca. Got doctoral degree and Ph.D degree. He is currently assistent proffesor at the Financial law department of Law Faculty of Masaryk University. He also works as insolvency trustee.

He regularly participates in professional legal conferences both domestically and outside of Czech Republic and is the author of several legal publications. He speaks fluently english, italien and german language. His proffesional legal target aims to law of real estate law, financial and tax law and commercial law.

JUDr. Michal Janovec PhD.
JUDr. Michal Janovec PhD.


Our law firm provides services from all areas of law, and comprehensively always individually and in favor of the client. We participate in proffesional conferences, where we futher develop our knowledge.
We colaborate with account offices, tax advisores, real estates agencies, IT specialists and other proffesionals in differents areas, whitch provides us flexible reactions according to individual wishes of our clients.

The costs of our services are always on agreement in advance. Our hour rate is set from 1200 CZK (depends of difficulty level of specific case) in case of payment at the hourly rate.

Real Estate law

If you are planning on any action associated with any real estate (house,apartment, land, garage)
 We are ready to provide legal advice in this area in terms of the way the procedure in the case of contractual documents, representation with administrative authorities (land registry). We are able to quickly create or review your lease agreement.

  • Creating a purchase agreement, gift agreement, a lease of real estate,contracts for the establishment of an easement, the pledge agreement and etc.
  • Analysis and comments on contracts for the purchase of real estate,establishment of easements, pledge agreements, co-ownership
  • Analysis of the contracts concluded with real estate agency
  • We provide attorney security deposit account in caso of purchase of real estate
Labor Law
If the employment was terminated and you consider that unlawfully,
if work injury heppend to you, or you have not received sallary you are entitled to, we likely help you in this area, we can also help to ensure your  claim by attorney call either or further court proceedings.

We can provide you a legal assistance in employment documentation - drafting employment contracts, or another job contracts, job-competition clauses, contracts of material responsibility of employees, the agreementon wage deductions.
For your company as an employer will review the labor contract documents, created exactly  on request and according to the applicable labor law. In case you need to validly terminate the employment, or you need to write a warning letter, we also fully available.
Commercial law

We will help you even before you start a business.

We will advise you the most appropriate option of business - the establishment of specific and appropriate type of company, we will prepare any change in your company (registered office, shareholders,and statutory bodies) in the Commercial Register.

Foundation of a company or any changes in your company

Revision of the Treaties, the assessment of claims arising out of commercial relationships, or the. breach of commercial contracts, compensations for damages
Representation in courts of all levels

Civil law
  • Contracts - purchase, gift, pledge, creation of easement, settlement of disputes arising from contracts of non-compliance (judicial, extrajudicial)
  • Heritage - drafting wills, representation in inheritance proceedings,inheritance disputes
  • Damages - We try to do our best to get you the compensation - material,immaterial on things or on health, enforcement of unjust enrichment
  • Tenure - creation or disappearance of ownership, joint property of spouses, marital agreement, neighboring rights
  • Enforcement of claims - we will enforce your claims on individually set conditions and very favorable prices set by agreement
  • Drafting of lawsuits,comments on the lawsuits where your possition is defendant, appeals, legal representation in the courts of all levels
Compensation for damages

Damages may be enforced in a lot of cases, both on behalf of individual and multiple claimants together. If your legal proceedings has been conducted too long, if you have been affected by the maladministration, unlawful decision of a state or administrative body. Furthermore, in situations of unjustified detention, if damage has been caused to you in connection with a crime or have been involved in an accident and in other instances.

  • The claim for damages for maladministration or unlawful decision of the court
  • The claim for damages caused to the victim of the crime
  • The claim for damages on the property
  • The claim for damages caused by defective product
  • The right to release money or things from the invalid legal act
  • The claim for damages to health
  • The claim for damages for accidents at work and occupational diseases